43 years from the date of the first flight of the prototype of the MiG-29 fighter

On October 6, 1977 A. Fedotov, chief test pilot of Mikoyan design bureau at gave a first fly to the first “9-01” prototype of light front fighter of 4th generation. It was the prototype of a worldwide famous MiG-29 aircraft (“Fulcrum” upon NATO classification). The aircraft became the first fighter possessing unreachable effectiveness in the air maneuver combat and capability to attack the foe by close and middle range missiles.

First series MiG-29 fighters had been manufactured at “Znamya Truda” Moscow machinery plant at 1982 before test flight program ended. In June 1987 MiG-29 aircraft was taken into service. Since 1986 the aircraft have been exported to many countries. Up to now more than 1700 MiG-29 aircraft have been manufactured.

Unique parameters and high upgrade potentials input amid design works allow the aircraft to remain in service at many countries of the world.

JSC “558 Aircraft repair Plant” possess rich experience on overhaul, upgrade and logistic support of MiG-29 aircraft. Since 1994 the company provided overhaul of more than 160 aircraft of the type.

Today JSC “558 ARP” provide in series the second and third overhaul of MiG-29 aircraft together with the technical and design support of the designer (JSC “RAC “MiG”) fulfilling all technical and industry bulletins necessary for the life extension.

Under overhaul process JSC “558 ARP” provide deep upgrade to create multifunctional aviation complex to hit air, surface and maritime targets implementing armament of “air-to-air” and “air-to-surface” type.

On March, 2005 15 world records were achieved on the upgraded MiG-29BM aircraft.