JSC “558 ARP”: 2000 overhauled aircraft achieved!

In October, 2019 JSC “558 ARP” delivered overhauled Su-27UBK to the Customer. The aircraft is 2000th aircraft overhauled by our experts!

Overhaul of Su-27/Su-30 aircraft has been mastered in 2003. Up to now JSC “558 ARP” have overhauled and upgraded more than 40 aircraft of Su-27/Su-30 aircraft*. Upgrade allows to create a multifunctional aviation complex which is able to hit surface and air targets by the wide range of weapons. Upgraded avionics allow to use the missiles of “air-to-air” type, PBB-AE and different weapons (including corrected) of “air-to-surface” type. It includes X-31A missile which is designated for hitting the naval targets, Х-31П – antiradar missile; laser homing missiles Х-25МЛ and Х – 29Л and missiles with television self-homing head X-29T.

JSC “558 ARP” also perform overhaul and upgrade of MiG-29, Su-25, Su-22 aircraft and Mi-8/17/171 and Mi-24/35 helicopters.

* The numeration of overhauled aviation materiel started 1981 when JSC “558 ARP” had been the leading plant on overhaul of Su-17/su-22 aircraft.