20 years since the maiden flight of the amphibious aircraft Be-200!

On September 24, 1998, from the JSC Irkutsk Aviation Production Association (now PJSC Irkut Corporation) airfield at 16:50 Irkutsk time, a crew consisting of PIC K.V. Babich, co-pilot V.P. Dubensky and flight engineer А.N. Ternovuy amphibious aircraft Be-200 was launched into the air the first time ever. The maiden flight spanned 27 minutes.

Today, the production of brand-new serial Be-200 aircraft is deployed at the PJSC "Taganrog Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex named after G.M. Beriev" (PJSC “Beriev Aircraft”). The pioneer Be-200 amphibious aircraft with high export potential have proved themselves in fire extinguishing and rescue operations both in the Russian Federation and abroad - in Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Israel, Indonesia.

JSC "558 ARP" produces more than 60 types of hydraulic cylinders for Be-200 aircraft on commission from PJSC "Beriev aircraft". In 2015, on the territory of JSC "558 ARP", the aircraft components production department was built up and put into operation, equipped with the state-of-the-art and high-tech hardware. The implementation of this project at JSC “558 ARP” allowed setting up of various complexity and nomenclature parts’ manufacture: aircraft hydraulic system items, hatches, brackets, fittings, staples, glider-type ribbed elements, frames and others.