Ten years have passed since the first flight of UAV "Grif-1"

Today, exactly 10 years ago, UAV "Grif-1" made its maiden flight. By now the line of medium-range UAV complexes (UAV "Griff-K", UAV "Kondor-1", UAV "Kondor-2") has been created on the basis of UAV "Griff-1", they are intended for 24-hour air reconnaissance, determination of coordinates of air defense complexes and their technical characteristics, training of combat crews of air defense units.

JSC "558 ARP" produces unmanned aerial complexes of short range (UAV «Bekard-1», UAV «Bekard-2», UAV «Moskit»), designed for 24-hour optical-electronic reconnaissance of the area, determining coordinates of targets.

At present, medium- and short-range strike aircraft systems (UAV "Lovchy", UAV "Chekan") are undergoing flight tests, they are designed to defeat ground (surface) combat equipment, manpower of the enemy and engineering structures.