To the 125th birthday of Pavel Sukhoi

July 22, 2020 marks the 125 anniversary of birth of Pavel Sukhoi, admirable soviet aircraft designer, one of the founders of national school of jet and supersonic aviation. Shortly before this outstanding event JSC “558 Aircraft Repair Plant” representatives have visited birthplace of famous aircraft designer - a town of Glubokoye located in Belarus at district centre of Vitebsk region.

Three winged monuments are erected in homeland of outstanding soviet aircraft designer as tribute to the memory of legendary countryman.

At the entrance to Glubokoye from the side of Dokshitsy guests are greeted by a Su-17M fighter-interceptor aircraft tail number 101 located on postament with the inscription "To Pavel Sukhoi - Aircraft Designer ".

This is a gift to the city from the staff of Baranovichi aircraft repair plant on the 101st birthday of Pavel Sukhoi. The monument has been erected in June 1996 and for many it has become a symbol of the city.

Su-27 aircraft is situated in the Victory Park, Su-24M is on a hill near Kagalnoe lake, close to school No.1 named after famous countryman.

There is a special alley with bronze busts of nine prominent native residents of Glubokoe. Representatives of the enterprise have laid a floral tribute to bust of Pavel Sukhoi.

JSC “558 ARP” representatives have visited museum of Sukhoi aircraft designer in school No. 1, containing over 300 exhibits including his personal items: memoirs written by his hand, diaries, letters, glasses and much more. Sukhoi is the first aircraft designer to work on a pilot safety system. The museum has an ejection seat and fragment of Su-17 fighter’s cockpit – a gift of Baranovichi aircraft repair plant. As the head of museum, history teacher Natalya Rabiso, has said: “These are one of the most popular exhibits among tourists”.

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