Manufacturing areas

The total area of main manufacturing areas and subdivisions of JSC “558 ARP” is 77 797,9 m2. The enterprise is located on a land plot of 52,2866 hectares.

Workshop No.1. Workshop of aviation materiel disassembly and overhaul

Disassemby of aviation materiel, fault detection of airframe and its systems, airframe overhaul, reassembly and painting.

Workshop No.2. Assembly, maturation of aviation materiel

Assembly of detachable aircraft units and equipment, their running-in, performing ground tests of the aircraft.

Workshop No.3. Overhaul of accessories of aviation materiel

Overhaul of landing gears, units of fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, air-conditioning systems, control devices, airscrews.

The shop is equipped with state-of-the-art process equipment to overhaul: gas turbine engine – power unit GTDE-117, aircraft accessory boxes KSA-2(3), fuel-oil unit TMA 4030, fuel pumps, turbine expansion units, hydraulic system accessories, auxiliary power unit AI-9V, main rotor heads (MRHs) (24-1930-000, 8-1930-000), swashplate (24-1940-000, 8-1950-000), intermediate gearbox (8А-1515-000), tail gearbox (246-1517-000), tail rotor drive shaft (24-1526-000, 8А-1516-000), gear box (24-1512-000), hydraulic units (BG-13-1, AGS-60А), hydraulic dampers (SDV-5000-000А), accessories and mechanisms of remote control system SDU-10 (RPD-1B, PM-15BA, RM-190, RM-130Б, MR-60B, MR-70, MR-80, BGTs-20, GTs-30, GTs-40(01,-02), GTs-45(-01,-02)), etc.

Workshop No.4. Overhaul of avionics and aircraft armament (AA) of aviation materiel

Overhaul of aircraft sighting systems, weapon control systems, radio-communication and radio-navigation equipment, radar sighting systems, stations of electronic countermeasures, overhaul and manufacture of detachable units of armament.

Workshop No.5. Mechanical workshop

Manufacture of aircraft parts, rubber items, pipelines, high/low pressure hoses. Overhaul of bag fuel tanks, drop fuel tank, cylinders, pipelines, aircraft parts.

The workshop has state-of-the-art machining facilities for the manufacture of parts, assembly units, components of aircraft materiel (elements of the airframe structure, parts of titanium alloys for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, fittings, segments of bulkheads, ribs, brace struts, spar webs, etc.) for the benefit of aircraft manufacturers.

Workshop No.8. Overhaul of aircraft equipment

Overhaul of electric equipment, instruments, aneroid-membrane devices, electronic automated systems

Composite production

JSC "558 ARP" has mastered the manufacture of products from composite materials - manual (contact) forming with the use of vacuum with the subsequent heat treatment of the part up to 130 °C (in drying chambers), using 3D printers FORTUS 400 and FORTUS 900 with operating areas of 355×254×254 mm and 914×609×910 mm, respectively, by the vacuum infusion method.

The sector for the manufacture of composite material products (fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid fabric, etc.) has all the required equipment to provide for the manufacturing process: equipment for the application of composite materials, the shaping and milling machining center, drying chambers for polymerization of parts, tools for the forming of composite materials.

For operation with 3D printers the following materials are used: ABS-M30/SR-20, ASA/SR-30, NYL-12/SR-110, PC/SR-100, PPSF/PPSF Support, PC-ISO/PC Support, ULTEM 9085 / ULTEM Support.

Unmanned aerial vehicle assembly workshop

The workshop performs the assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial complexes.

Flight test station. Aviation technical center for UAC maintenance and operation

At the flight test station there are flight tests performed after the overhaul and upgrade of aviation materiel.

Aviation technical center for the maintenance and operation of unmanned aerial complexes (UAC ATC) carries out the operation of unmanned aerial complexes, their certification, renders commercial services to the Customers within the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad in order to increase the safety level of flights of experimental aircraft (EA).

Manufacture of windows, glass units doors of PVC profile

JSC “558 ARP” manufactures: windows and balcony doors, exterior doors, glued insulated glazing for building purposes, insect screens. Certificates of health registration and certificates of compliance are provided for all the production.

Products made of profiles passed tests in the certified laboratory of the Republican Unitary Scientific-Research Enterprise "Institute BelNIIS" of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

The company provides services as follows: metering, delivery and mounting of the structures manufactured. Mounting is performed in compliance with regulatory documents of the Republic of Belarus and technological processes developed by the company's specialists. The company is licensed for the performance of construction and mounting works.

Order office for civil products
Baranovichi, 50 let VLKSM st., 7
Tel.: +375 (163) 60-70-40; Tel./fax: +375 (163) 41-70-98, +375 (163) 41-70-89.