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The company specializes on overhaul, modernization and maintenance of aviation material, manufacture of UAV`s and electronic countermeasures, manufacture of parts and components of aviation materiel.
History JSC “558 ARP”

History JSC “558 ARP”

History of JSC “558 Aircraft Repair Plant” started right upon the outbreak of Great Patriotic War: from 24 June, 1941 till 23 July, 1941 following the order of South-West front Commander the 38th Mobile Railway Aircraft Repair Workshop was set up under storage No.2 of People’s Commissariat of Defense in the city of Kharkov receiving the conventional name of Military Unit No. 21951. Vladimir Rostislavov, skilled and experienced specialist, 3 rank engineer was appointed as executive officer of Mobile Railway Aircraft Repair Workshop.
JSC 558 ARP today

JSC “558 ARP” today

Nowadays “558 Aircraft Repair Plant” Joint Stock Company is the only enterprise in the Republic of Belarus and one of few companies in CIS to render wide range services in repair and upgrade of various aircraft. To comply with the demands of military and civil aviation, the plant has adopted reliable work flow system and runs sufficient production areas, power systems, unique process equipment, tools and accessories with all types of technical regulatory documentation available. We give extra attention to develop and improve service equipment and implement advanced technical process.
Licenses and Certificates

Licenses and Certificates

JSC “558 ARP” quality management system is certified for compliance with requirements of СТБ ISO 9001, ISO 9001, EN 9100, ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001, ГОСТ Р ЕН 9100, ГОСТ РВ 0015-002, aviation rules АП-145 and applies to execution of works on overhaul, maintenance, performing modifications, upgrade of aviation materiel and its equipment in accordance with approved Designer’s (Manufacturer’s) process control documentation, production of aviation components, projecting, developing and arranging production of unmanned aerial complexes.
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