UAC “Bekard-2” is designed to conduct aerial electro-optical reconnaissance of the terrain at any time of the day and night in different weather conditions.

Composition of UAC “Bekard-2”:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) – 2 pcs;
  • Payload set (TV reconnaissance module, thermal imaging module);
  • UAC ground control station (GCS);
  • UAC supporting means (SM);
  • UAC maintenance and repair facilities (MRFs).
Wing span, m, max 2,9
Height, m, max 0,32
Length, m, max 1,3
UAV flight operation automatic, automated mode
UAV take off technique catapult
UAV landing technique parachute
UAV mission radius, km up to 25
Max flight altitude, m, min 1500
Max flight speed, km/h, min 110
UAV cruise speed, km/h, min 70
UAV flight endurance, min., min 90
UAV max takeoff weight, kg, max 10
Max payload weight, kg, max 0,8
TV module resolution 720p (50 fps)
TV module optical magnification 10x
IR module resolution 384х288 (50 fps)
IR module spectral sensitivity 8~14 μм
Time of UAC preparation for operation, minutes, max 15
Power unit type electric engine
Version transportable (in containers)
Combat crew 1-2 persons

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