UAC “GRIF-К” is designed to conduct aerial electro-optical reconnaissance of the terrain at any time of the day and night in different weather conditions.

Composition of UAC “GRIF-К”:

  • unmanned aerial vehicle (payload: gyro-stabilized electro-optical system (daylight camera, IR camera, laser range-finder)) – 2 pcs;
  • UAC ground control station (GCS);
  • supporting means;
  • maintenance and repair facilities.

Composition of the ground control station (accommodated in a vehicle):

  • Vehicle (Volkswagen Crafter GP 50 Kasten type, long wheelbase with an overhang) with places for personnel, UAV and payload operators, composed of: power supply system; communication tools; operators' actions voice and data recorders; life support system; automation facilities.
  • Special-purpose vehicle trailer with a cover for transporting two UAVs with the installed antenna post.
Wing span / height / length, m, max 6/1,5/4
Landing gear configuration three-leg with a nose wheel
UAV take off / landing technique aircraft type
UAV mission radius, km up to 100
Operating ceiling, m, min 2400
Max flight altitude, m, min 3000
Max flight speed, km/h, min 140
UAV cruise speed, km/h, min 110
UAV flight endurance, h, min 4
UAV max takeoff weight, kg, max 155
Max payload weight, kg, max 10
Takeoff run/roll, m, max 300
Power unit type Pusher IC engine
Fuel type AI-95
Time of UAV preparation for operation (2-4 persons), minutes, max 30
Electro-optical system performance
TV camera resolution 576p/1080p
TV camera angle 5,4~50°
TV module optical magnification 20x
IR module resolution 640х512
IR camera angle 10,4°
IR module spectral sensitivity 7,5~13 μм
Laser range-finder
Operating range 1300 m
Range measurement error ± 1 m

- UAV operator, pcs;

- Payload operator, pcs;

- Crew senior officer, pcs.




Maximum range of radio communication with the UAV in radio line of sight, km up to 100
Satellite navigation system type GLONASS/GPS

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