UAC “Kondor” is designed to train the air defense units and to determine the location of enemy's ADMSs, characteristics of signals emitted by them at any time of the day and night in different weather conditions.

Composition of UAC “Kondor” (based on UAC “GRIF-К”):

  • unmanned aerial vehicle (payload: radio technical equipment "Vega", course camera) – 2 pcs;
  • UAC ground control station (GCS);
  • supporting means;
  • maintenance and repair facilities.

Composition of the ground control station (accommodated in a vehicle):

  • Vehicle (Volkswagen Crafter GP 50 Kasten type, long wheelbase with an overhang) with places for personnel, UAV and payload operators, composed of: power supply system; communication tools; operators' actions voice and data recorders; life support system; automation facilities.
  • Special-purpose vehicle trailer with a cover for transporting two UAVs with the installed antenna post.
Wing span / height / length, m, max 6/1,5/4
Landing gear configuration three-leg with a nose wheel
UAV take off / landing technique aircraft type
UAV mission radius, km up to 100
Operating ceiling, m, min 2400
Max flight altitude, m, min 3000
Max flight speed, km/h, min 140
UAV cruise speed, km/h, min 110
UAV flight endurance, h, min 4
UAV max takeoff weight, kg, max 150
Max payload weight, kg, max 15
Takeoff run/roll, m, max 300
Power unit type Pusher IC engine
Fuel type AI-95
Time of UAV preparation for operation (2-4 persons), minutes, max 30

- UAV operator, pcs;

- Payload operator, pcs;

- Crew senior officer, pcs.




Maximum range of radio communication with the UAV in radio line of sight, km up to 100
Satellite navigation system type GLONASS/GPS

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