MiG-29 aircraft upgrade

The upgraded MiG-29 aircraft is intended for combat operations against air and ground (surface) targets of the enemy, using "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface" air weapons.

MiG-29 aircraft modification areas:

  • Expansion of the range of air weapons used;
  • Improvement of accuracy characteristics and enhancement of functional capabilities of the navigation complex;
  • Cockpit control and navigation instrumentation upgrade;
  • Implementation of new operating modes of the radar sighting system;
  • Installation of an airborne data acquisition and transmission system;
  • Installation of DME, VOR/ILS, aircraft transponder;
  • Use of the aircraft power plant and systems monitoring complex;
  • Installation of a flight data audio- and video recording system;
  • Installation of "Satellite-M2" electronic countermeasure equipment;
  • Flying range extension (refueling boom installation).

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