“Svityaz” hotel

Svityaz hotel
Svityaz” is a small hotel complex with café. It is convenient for guests to stay in “Svytyazhotel and to have a meal in a café under the same name.
The hotel and cozy spacious café have always received positive feedback. The fact, that the hotel has not received any negative comments, serves as an evidence of high quality services provided by the stuff.
“Svityaz” hotel is very compact and has not many rooms. Small number of neighbors in the hotel guarantees you silent and calm stay in comfortable rooms.

Cozy atmosphere in the hotel contributes to relaxation and calmness, which will please guests, who came on a business trip, and tourists.
Besides common conveniences, “Svityaz” has Wi-Fi. You can work, communicate with your family and make web purchases on the internet.
“Svytyaz” café is on the first floor and is well known for its coziness and excellent cuisine.

Address: Baranovichy, 50 let VLKSM str, 5
Phone number: +375 (163) 42-97-80