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Manufacture of parts and components of aviation materiel

Due to experience acquired during the process of overhaul of aviation materiel, our enterprise is one of few enterprises which is able to manufacture full range of aviation materiel components.

Design and manufacture of stand and testing equipment

JSC “558 ARP” is specialized in design and manufacture of test and control equipment which is used for troubleshooting in the items of aircraft on-board equipment.

Civil products

Production of items from PVC profile was organized at JSC “558 ARP” in 2006 for implementation of energy conservation program of the Republic of Belarus. Modern equipment allows us to produce all range of items used in construction according to valid State standard specifications.

Manufacture of new samples of armament and military equipment

Additional areas of activities of JSC “558 ARP” contain design and production of prospective samples of armament and military equipment. They include equipment for radio engineering protection of the aircraft and unmanned aircraft complex.
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