Automatic testing complex “Naroch”

Designed for restoration of boards of aircraft electronics, aeronautical equipment and armament.

Naroch ATE is a multifunctional automated workplace which can be used for repairs of electronic cards from aircraft onboard equipment. To this end, programs for checking and search of failures should be written for each separate card. These programs can be written even on the level of ordinary user, programmer knowledge is not necessary.
Operational features:
  • pre-programmed to generate and deliver input signals to the tested electronic cards;
  • pre-programmed to analyze output signals from the electronic cards;
  • compares them with model signals and clearly informs the operator of any discrepancies;
  • checks its own hardware in self-testing mode.
Structural units:
  • industrial-type computer;
  • logic controller;
  • digital oscillograph;
  • digital generator;
  • software;
  • cards testing software.