Automatic workplace “Svityaz"

SVITYAZ automated workplace.
Svityaz is used for automated functional test of N019 radar installed on MiG – 29 aircraft, checking parameters of the radar both in the laboratory and directly on the aircraft during aircraft repairs at aircraft repairing facilities or during operation in combat units.
  • industrial-type computer;
  • software;
  • expansion card;
  • N019-30 unit;
  • set of cables.
Main operation modes:
  • functional test of N019 and N001 radar, checking its parameters on the aircraft and test of conjugation with the other onboard systems when executing scheduled works or during restoration of its working capacities;
  • functional test of the radar and checking its parameters outside the aircraft at the technical maintenance shop (then used as a bench).
Operational Features
When Svityaz AWP is used to check N019 item at the technical maintenance shops:
  • AWP checks N019 radar operability in automatic mode, the results are clearly on computer screen;
  • AWP programmatically arranges order works and operations while checking the items parameters, presets the required modes, performs calculations and controls parameters conformity to technical conditions;
  • AWP disables the units operation in emergency modes;
  • AWP checks serviceability of its own hardware in self-testing mode.
Svityaz AWP is installed on the aircraft instead of regular control-and-testing equipment and arranges the order of N019 item testing and its intercommunication with other aircraft onboard systems; it receives and analyses exchange information from Ц100 onboard computer of N019 item.
When Svityaz AWP is used together with 7-061 and 7-056 devices (components of MK-9.12) it allows to check RF parameters.