UAC “Kondor-1”

UAC “Kondor-1”
UAC Kondor-1
UAС “Kondor-1 is designation for anti-aircraft combat unit`s training.
UAV “Kondor-1” allows to imitate aerodynamic targets with the following characteristics:
  • target effective reflective area: 0,01 m² (cruise missile); 2..10 m² (fighter); 10..15 м² (bomber); 50 m² aerial command post.
  • (20..500) m/sec – velocity of parent target.
  • quantity of parent targets – 2.
Training target simulated signal conforms to the character of echoed signal. In the spectral portrait of echoed signal present turbine composites of spectrum, that allows aircraft type identification.
Flights can be performed forwards ADMS location from various directions, effecting course, altitude and velocity maneuvers.

UAV “Kondor-1” employment alongside with “Вега-T” equipment enables:
  • Conducting of crew comprehensive drills at the sites of permanent deployment.
  • Actual of crew readiness for combat operations under the conditions of electronic jamming by reaction time amount.
  • Effection of target distribution and group target crew drilling.
  • Substantial decrease in Ministry of Defense expenditures on screw preparation:
    • low cost of UAV 1 hour appliance;
    • it is possible to perform crew drills belonging to several ADMS in different frequency bands during 5 hours.
Sample of ADMS crew training with appliance of UAV “Kondor-1":

UAV Kondor-1
1. UAV takeoff on activated equipment “Вега-T”.
UAV Kondor-1
2. Duty radio-radar troops facilities acquire a practice target.
UAV Kondor-1
3. On radio-location station PPI the target is displayed with specified for training characteristics.
UAV Kondor-1
4. ADMS crew detect a target with specified for training characteristics, start out autotracking and perform instructional firing.
UAV Kondor-1
5. “Вега-T” equipment records information for analysis on flash drive: operating radio-location stations types; crew reaction time.