UAS "Shershen"

UAS «Shershen»
UAS Shershen
Unmanned aerial system “Shershen” is intended for remote monitor of terrain compartment (aquatorium) and supervision of ground-based low-speed objects (“human being”, “wheeled vehicle”, “powerboat”) in real time mode (or close to real) in visible and IR bands.
UAS “Shershen is carried out in “portable” performance on the basis of two unmanned aerial vehicles of multirotor type.
UAS «Shershen» set:
  • UAV, equipped with payload on the basis of TV module – 1 piece;
  • UAV, equipped with payload on the basis of IR module– 1 piece;
  • Ground-based control station – 1 piece;
  • Ground-support equipment– 1 set;
  • Operational documentation– 1 set.

Ground-based control station configuration:
Ground-based control station configuration
  • Shock-resistant airtight case with computer, two displays, control devices;
  • Radio technical equipment of telemetered data receipt and transmission and video signal receipt;
  • Antenna mast system (optional);
  • Equipment of independent electrical supply;
  • Cable and feed system.

UAS Shershen
Tactical radius of application, km5
Maximum flight altitude above sea level, m1000
Effective altitude of reconnaissance performance (above underlying surface), m50…100
Slant distance of detection of surveillance object “human being”, m100
Slant distance of recognition of surveillance object “human being”, m50
Maximum velocity of tracking surveillance object, km/h10
Remotely observed object (at a height 100 m) coordinates setting accuracy, m30
Max wind speed permissible for operation, m/s2
Operating temperatures range, ºС-10…+40
Quantity of UAV application cycles without recharge 4
UAS deployment time until UAV readiness for takeoff from travelling position (without reference to flight task preparation time), minNo more than 10
UAS closing down time after UAV landing, minNo more than 5
UAV accumulator battery replacement time, minNo more than 2
UAV preparation time for repeated application (without reference to flight task preparation time), minNo more than 10
UAS weight, kg, max70
UAS Shershen
UAS Shershen