Composite production

JSC "558 ARP" has mastered the manufacture of products from composite materials - manual (contact) forming with the use of vacuum with the subsequent heat treatment of the part up to 130 °C (in drying chambers), using 3D printers FORTUS 400 and FORTUS 900 with operating areas of 355×254×254 mm and 914×609×910 mm, respectively, by the vacuum infusion method.

The sector for the manufacture of composite material products (fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid fabric, etc.) has all the required equipment to provide for the manufacturing process: equipment for the application of composite materials, the shaping and milling machining center, drying chambers for polymerization of parts, tools for the forming of composite materials.

For operation with 3D printers the following materials are used: ABS-M30/SR-20, ASA/SR-30, NYL-12/SR-110, PC/SR-100, PPSF/PPSF Support, PC-ISO/PC Support, ULTEM 9085 / ULTEM Support.