Machine tools

Machining facilities of JSC “558 ARP” allow for the manufacture of parts of different complexity and nomenclature from aluminum and titanium alloys, structural, heat-resistant and stainless steels.

The products are machined by turning in 3 coordinates, milling per one installation on five sides, grinding. The positioning accuracy of the equipment is P = 5 μm, the average variation of positioning is Ps = 3 μm, which allows for the manufacture of parts with an accuracy in size of 5 - 6 quality grades. Workpieces made of solid materials are machined on machines fitted with the function of air or liquid cooling of the part and tool.

The maximum dimensions of workpieces to be machined are 6000×2300×800 mm.

The machine tools allow for the manufacture of cutting tools from various modern materials with an accuracy of manufacturing of 0,005 μm: cylindrical, conical, combined, square-shoulder, etc.

Process equipment

ТThe process equipment of JSC “558 ARP” allows for the performance of different types of repair of aviation materiel, its components and allows for the performance of a full cycle of repair thereof at the company's facilities.

JSC “558 ARP” performs an overhaul of: gas turbine engine – power unit GTDE-117, aircraft accessory boxes KSA-2(3), fuel-oil unit TMA 4030, fuel pumps, turbine expansion units, hydraulic system accessories, optical locator stations (OLS), radars (Н001, Н019), weapons control system (WCS) units and accessories, auxiliary power unit AI-9V, main rotor heads (MRHs) (24-1930-000, 8-1930-000), swashplate (24-1940-000, 8-1950-000), intermediate gearbox (8А-1515-000), tail gearbox (246-1517-000), tail rotor drive shaft (24-1526-000, 8А-1516-000), gear box (24-1512-000), hydraulic units (BG-13-1, AGS-60А), hydraulic dampers (SDV-5000-000А), accessories and mechanisms of remote control system SDU-10 (RPD-1B, PM-15BA, RM-190, RM-130Б, MR-60B, MR-70, MR-80, BGTs-20, GTs-30, GTs-40(01,-02), GTs-45(-01,-02)), etc.