Fake account at Instagram - “оао558arz”

The following account “оао558arz” at Instagram is not an official one for JSC “558 Aircraft Repair Plant” and has no attitude to the company.

80th anniversary of JSC “558 ARP”!

JSC "558 Aircraft repair plant" celebrates its 80th anniversary on June 26, 2021!

40th Anniversary of MiG-29UB aircraft first flight

April 29, 1981 test pilot A. Fastovets performed the first flight at first sample of MiG-29UB aircraft.

First flight of Su-27 aircraft serial sample took place on this day 40 years ago

The construction of fighter first sample in Т-10С variant, afterwards named as Т10-7 (or – Т10С-1, serial No.04-03), was finished at the Plant named after P. Sukhoi in the end of 1980.

Minister of Defence of Bulgaria made a flight on Su-25UB aircraft which have been overhauled and modernized at JSC “558 ARP”.

February 26, 2021 Minister of Defence of Bulgaria Mr. Krasimir Karakachanov visited Bezmer Air Force base (base of Su-25 aircraft dispatch) and made a flight on one of the two-seaters. Su-25 aircrfaft of Bulgarian Air Force have been overhauled and modernized at JSC “558 ARP”...
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