Happy New Year!

Dear colleagues! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

The outgoing year was not easy, we all had to work in new realities and it became a kind of strength test. But life goes on, and in many respects it depends on us what the upcoming year will be like. New challenges are also a new experience from which positive lessons can be learnt.

I am sure that our team will be able not only to overcome all trials and difficulties, but also to become even more resilient and stronger. This lies in the power of those who strive to go the extra mile and set high goals.

Remarkable people work at our plant and they are devoted to it with heart and soul, directing all their knowledge and efforts to it.

Thanks to the rich experience and established traditions, our plant will continue to occupy the leading position in the repair and modernization of aviation equipment.

I congratulate all employees and veterans of the plant on the occasion of the upcoming New Year and wish you good health, happiness and festive mood. May joy and harmony reign in every family, may all good endeavors be implemented, may all wishes come true, may the New Year bring joy, new impressions and hopes.

Happy New Year 2023, colleagues!

Director of JSC "558 Aircraft Repair Plant".