In order to support the aircraft within their entire life cycle JSC “558 ARP” offers to set up a Logistic support and maintenance center for aviation materiel within the territory of the Customer.

Basic objectives:

  • Prompt repair of failed assemblies, units, products of aviation materiel;
  • Technical diagnostics of aviation materiel structural elements, its onboard equipment; elaboration of modification recommendations in order to increase the reliability and life;
  • Individual analysis of operation conditions for aviation materiel unit and the elaboration of improvement and operation cost reduction measures;
  • Practical consulting of the personnel of military units (operators) in aviation materiel operation and troubleshooting;
  • Recovery of the aviation materiel damaged in operation;
  • Prospectively – labor intensive forms of technical and scheduled maintenance on various types of aviation materiel.

A logistic support and maintenance center is equipped with control and measuring instruments, as well as test equipment which is required for troubleshooting in on-board equipment products of aviation materiel.