Overhaul of aviation materiel

The manufacturing areas, the availability of equipment and documentation, human resources of the company meet the requirements of design, as well as regulatory and technical documentation for different types of repair of aviation materiel, their components and allow for the performance of a full cycle of repair thereof at the facilities of JSC “558 ARP”.

In order to perform the scheduled overhaul (including the second / third overhaul) the specialists of the designer of aviation materiel in cooperation with the specialists of JSC "558 ARP" developed the technical documentation for the second / third scheduled overhaul, providing for the implementation of a specific list of additional works and replacements, the implementation of industry bulletins and technical assignments (TA) in order to extend the resource indicators specified.

Parts for modifications and TA, spare parts and components of aircraft for the second / third scheduled overhaul are purchased from the manufacturers of purchased components and are manufactured at JSC "558 ARP" according to the design documentation of the designer.

During the overhaul, in the course of fault detection the specialists of JSC "558 ARP" examine the technical condition of aviation materiel based on special programs developed by the manufacturers of aviation materiel. Following to the examination results the specialists of JSC "558 ARP” finalize the aviation materiel examination certificates and opinions on the possibility of prolongation of their resource indicators specified./p>

For the provision of warranty service a group of JSC "558 ARP” specialists with the required process equipment and repair kit tools is sent to the Customer's facilities.