Manufacture of components of aviation materiel

The modern high-performance NC machining equipment allows JSC "558 ARP" to manufacture parts and aircraft components of various complexity and nomenclature from different materials (aluminum alloys AK6, AMG, D16T, V95, titanium alloys OT4, VT23, VT6C, VT3-1, structural, heat-resistant and stainless steels 30HGSA, 12H18N10T, etc.):

  • airframe elements (hatches, brackets, fittings, staples, primary elements: Ribs, bulkheads, beams, webs, etc.),
  • parts of liquid-gas systems of aerial vehicles;
  • landing gear parts.

The interactive system of 3D modeling, computer-aided design, manufacturing and calculation of products that is applicable in the company provides for the full closed cycle of production of aircraft parts from design to manufacturing thereof.

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