Manufacture of components of aviation materiel

The modern high-performance NC machining equipment allows JSC "558 ARP" to manufacture parts and aircraft components of various complexity and nomenclature from different materials (aluminum alloys AK6, AMG, D16T, V95, titanium alloys OT4, VT23, VT6C, VT3-1, structural, heat-resistant and stainless steels 30HGSA, 12H18N10T, etc.):

  • airframe elements (hatches, brackets, fittings, staples, primary elements: Ribs, bulkheads, beams, webs, etc.),
  • parts of liquid-gas systems of aerial vehicles;
  • landing gear parts.

The products are machined by turning in 3 coordinates, milling per one installation on five sides, grinding. The positioning accuracy of the equipment is P = 5 μm, the average variation of positioning is Ps = 3 μm, which allows to manufacture the parts with an accuracy in size of 5 - 6 quality grades. Workpieces made of solid materials are machined on machines fitted with the function of air or liquid cooling of the part and tool.

The maximum dimensions of workpieces to be machined are 6000×2300×800 mm. The machine tools allow to manufacture the cutting tools from various modern materials with an accuracy of manufacturing of 0,005 μm: cylindrical, conical, combined, square-shoulder, etc.

Annually JSC “558 ARP” manufactures more than 400 000 different parts. The company manufactures:

  • low- and high-pressure pipelines made of structural and stainless steels, copper, aluminum and titanium alloys for all systems of repaired products;
  • rubber items (more than 7000 items);
  • complicated and high-precision parts.

The interactive system of 3D modeling, computer-aided design, manufacturing and calculation of products that is applicable in the company provides for the full closed cycle of production of aircraft parts from design to manufacturing thereof.

In order to control the quality of manufactured aircraft components and parts of aviation materiel, the company has introduced the following types of non-destructive testing: magnetic particle; radiological; fluorescent; ultrasonic; eddy current; acoustic impedance; penetrant (dye-penetrant method), etc.

In order to perform the incoming inspection of materials and testing of finished products the company has a central factory laboratory accredited in the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC17025.

The equipment available in the laboratory allows for the performance of a wide range of tests of materials and finished products, including climatic tests with a temperature range from - 60°C to + 60°C with the use of the NEMA unit.